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We fell in love with Jacksonville and know you will too.

Jeff & Nikki have been dreaming of owning a place JUST like Magnolia since meeting in college in the 90’s. Nikki’s been known to spend HOURS looking for the right place to stay on vacation because she knows how important the look, feel and comfort of the accommodations are to an overall experience. They both have a sharp eye for detail and quality, and have partnered with many of their favorite brands to refresh the space into the kind of stylish and cozy place they would choose to stay in on vacation. Jeff brings warm, just-right hospitality that many will be looking for in a small hotel like ours. He loves to anticipate guests wishes and go above and beyond to deliver. We are proud to have a staff that is an extension of us, in both friendly and helpful service and attention-to-detail. We hope to continue the tradition of having guests for life, and to surprise and delight new guests with a place that feels better than home. (Unless your home has a perfectly stocked fridge and snack cabinet, daily house-keeping, wrap-around porches, and a 5-star location, that is!).


Since 1928

Magnolia Hotel was built in 1928 and started out as a sanatorium and health spa. It was converted to a bed & breakfast in 2007 and has been maintained as some sort of hospitality business ever since. The town of Jacksonville was established in 1851 when gold was discovered and was subsequently designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962 in recognition of being an example of an 1800’s gold-boom town.